Why Wood is the Best Choice for Building a Garage

There are numerous advantages for using wood to build your garage, some of which will be revealed in this article.

A garage can be put to many uses at the occupier/owner’s discretion: playroom, office, warehouse, workshop, garden shed, private bar and of course as a garage for keeping one or more motor vehicle.

Whatever use the garage structure is put to, it must first be constructed. The type of material to use for the garage is important.

According to US real estate information, a garage can improve the worth of a house considerably. A two-car garage will put the price up by up to twenty percent: half as much for a single garage. Considering prices of houses in the US$50-200 thousand range, an increase of this magnitude can not be taken lightly.

Building a Garage

A single garage built from concrete costs about US$5000 while a double costs about US$9000, including guarantees. The cost is about equal to the increase in value for the low range, but far below the increase in value for the high-end market house, making the construction a very attractive investment indeed for the long or short term investor.

Materials available as building materials include, but are not limited to bricks, plywood, concrete, metals and of course wood. For the majority of houses that have garages, the material that is the most often used is wood.

Reasons for selecting wood as the building material:

Price: Wood costs a lot less than metals or concrete while still providing full functionality.

Easy to fabricate: Even a person with limited skill can put up a wooden structure with a lot more ease than with other materials. One can also get some assistance from the neighbor.

Fast to put-up: Once the plan is ready, the structure can be put up and easily completed within a day, depending on the availability of the requisite resources. Concrete foundations would need to set before one commences to build up the walls.

Appealing: You can do so much with wood to make a building look appealing. The type of wood selected, cedar for example, can give the structure a great look. By maintaining or enhancing the natural look and coloring of the wooden panels creates a blend of colors that can not be matched easily artificially. You can also use different types of wood to create patterns on the walls, doors and even window sills.

Easy to maintain: Should you run into it with your car, the damage is localized and can be repaired easily at minimal cost, unlike with other materials.

Versatile: It is much easier to alter your design with wood as you can shorten or lengthen with ease. You can also make very exciting designs without having to look for specialized pieces for your decoration.

Lastly, the wooden structure can be brought down, changed or rebuilt very easily.

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