Stylish and Practical Uses for an Old Wooden Living Room Divider

Update and Reuse it in Impressive New Ways

An old wooden living room divider might be too outdated to continue using as originally intended, but it can be removed, updated and repurposed in creative new ways. With paint, baskets and other simple additions, it will no longer look like an unappealing blast from the past. It can be brought up to date and used in other locations of the home. Consider these fresh, stylish and practical uses, and turn the outdated furnishing into something valuable and highly unique.

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Create Stylish Storage and More

A living room divider with lots of open shelves can be used as a stylish storage unit in just about any room of the home. Lightly sand, prime and paint the furnishing, and fill the upper and lower shelves with an array of coordinating woven baskets. Display trinkets of your choice on the midrange shelves. The bulky furnishing that was once outdated will add stylish storage space, color and decorative appeal.


Cookbook Storage and Kitchen Decor

Cookbooks can take up a tremendous amount of cabinet space, but if you have an old wooden living room divider, the books do not have to be stored in a kitchen cabinet. All that you need is extra kitchen wall space. Place the furnishing against a bare wall, and fill the lower shelves with cookbooks. For safety and stability, heavier items of any type should always go on the bottom. Arrange woven baskets on the upper shelves, and use them to hold everything from packaged foods to baking tools.

Create a Craft Center with Storage

An old wooden living room divider makes a phenomenal craft supply center. Hang rods across some of the open shelves for storing spools of ribbon, lace, wire and/or string. Add clear containers for holding anything else that you use for crafting. They will be easy to identify without going through the boxes. The open shelves will be ideal for opening storing skeins of yarn and other bulky items.

Add Garage Storage

You can never have too much storage space in a garage, and an old wooden living room divider makes a great storage unit for housing small hand tools, plant food, vegetable seeds and more. A narrow shelving unit will not take up a lot of floor space. If the garage is narrow, place it at the end to avoid further limiting available space for a vehicle. If it is wide enough, place against a side wall. Bolt it in place if kids might be tempted to climb it. You will be amazed by how much you can store on a repurposed living room divider.

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