Choosing Wooden Swing Sets for Your Kids

Now of course, you could ask your kids what they want out of their gleaming new gift of a wooden swing set. But, usually this kind of ‘significant’ purchase is going to be a ‘BIG’ present, one that is likely to be a huge surprise for them. So, without giving the game away, finding out what they love most about wooden swing sets is likely to be a little difficult. But, if you are confident about not giving the game away, ask them, kids are usually happy to tell us what is so fantastic about outdoor play equipment, and what they most dream of for their own.

Two things are key when choosing wooden swing sets. Firstly budget and secondly how ‘hands on‘you want to be.

Cheap Wooden Swing Sets

Now wooden swing sets are unlikely to ever be the cheapest gift you give your children. But there are great ways to save money on them. Firstly, most of the leading brands offer various sizes. If you are trying to find a cheap wooden swing set, buy the starter set from any leading company. Then, as your budget allows you can buy further add ons. So, as your children grown, their swing sets grow too.


Further decks, slides, swings, monkey bars, climbing walls and more can be added on to the basic structure over time. Do not overlook second hand goods either. These forts, castles and adventure playgrounds are built to last. If you find a cheap used set, you can always replace sections which you need to be of premium quality (such as swing hanging brackets). Just try to ensure the used set is of a brand still in existence so parts are easy to replace (unless you’re happy to exhibit some serious DIY skills at least).

Wooden Swing Set Plans

If you are a DIY fanatic, you will probably be building your own. You might be drawing up plans at the moment and just need a few ideas of parts to incorporate.

Maybe you like being practical but do not need the added pressure of draftsmanship. In which case it may be worth at least considering just buying a set of Wooden Swing Set Plans. These give you all the instructions plus a range of technical fittings to ensure swings, slides, monkey bars and so on are safe and child friendly. These are a great way to save money and get more hands on with the whole project.

Wooden Swing Sets can be as complicated or as simple as you like. But this is not a project to be started unless you are pretty confident in your DIY skills. After all, this is likely to be the place your children spend a lot of time, running, jumping, swinging and sliding. This outdoor play equipment must be safe for your kids and all their friends after all.

The Best Wooden Swing Sets

The best wooden swing sets are multi-levelled with at least two of everything. Two slides, two swings, two decks etc. Ladders, spiral slides and monkey bars all add more excitement. The more variety you can afford or build the better.
Our favorite wooden swing sets are the ones that result in a yard full of children; yours, your neighbours, and all their friends. The more different areas and different types of swings and slides, the more fun and less arguing will result.

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